Many web sites are online versions of a company brochure, others enable site visitors to interact with certain elements of the site, and still more have sections that deal with simple functions or enable customers, partners or employees to communicate with vastly improved efficiency. The later two types utilise special programming to achieve these dynamic or interactive elements and make the web site work rather than simply exist.

There are many different areas that dynamic programming can be added to a site, from a simple “special offer” list that is automatically updated, to a complete online database of clients or contacts that can be used for marketing purposes. Other examples might be online booking facilities for training or meetings, secure access to customer accounts or payment facilities, online discussion forums, online demos or dynamic product/service quotes, even a web interface for accessing e-mail.

The list of potential additions is endless so Kennetiq will work with you to identify potential areas where your web site might be able to help you with the day to day running of your business, or improve the level of service or support you can give your customers, partners or employees.