So now you have a design for your site, it just needs to be put together with some content and published – production.

Kennetiq’s platform of choice for web site development is WordPress (a database driven software application that enables web site owners to manage their entire site from a regular web browser with minimal additional learning or knowledge) however we are more than happy to develop a site using other content management systems, or in regular HTML.

The production process takes the final design and converts it into a useable format for the type of site, whether this be a WordPress theme or an HTML/CSS template. The overal structure and setup of the site is put together, often on a development platform for reveiw, and the site content is added and formatted appropriately.

The site content needs to be produced by the client, although for maximium effectiveness it is strongly advised that your content be produced or at least re-written by a professional copywriter.

This process should take 2-3 days to complete although it does depend on the complexity of the design, and what (if any) additional requirements there might be such as bespoke programming etc.