Christmas E-Card Offers

December 6, 2010 at 12:54 pm
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It won’t have escaped your notice that the guy with the white beard and red suit is lurking just round the corner, so it’s time to consider how you should get your festive messages out to your clients, contacts and friends without breaking the bank.

Conventional Christmas cards are great, but with second class postage now at 32p (25p with a RM franking account), email can be a much more cost effective solution.

For a similar or less cost to printing your normal cards you could have your own Christmas e-card customised with your company logo and festive message then sent to all of your contacts by email for as little as 2p each – a tiny fraction of the cost of sending a  conventional card by post.

Alternatively, you could go a step further and send a humorously animated e-card, e-game, e-song, or thanks to our friends at Ichthus Video, your very own Christmas video and still save money.

For more details on all of our Christmas e-mail offers and promotions drop us a line or go to:

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