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March 9, 2010 at 12:00 pm
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It seems that almost every day there is a new ‘iPhone’ type gadget being launched, whether it be the latest ‘iPhone beater’ from Google, HTC, Blackberry or someone else, or a newer flashier version of the original iPhone itself.

While most of these devices are incredibly easy to setup and connect to existing email solutions, a question I am increasingly asked is “How do I synchronise my phone/device with my computer?” – connecting with a cable will synchronise email settings but not email itself.

The issue in this case is not how to use the device, but how to get the best from a combined phone/computer setup. In most cases, simply connecting your new device to your existing setup only creates a duplicate copy of your emails on another device meaning that you now have to spend more time reading through, deleting and filing emails on multiple devices.

The answer is surprisingly simple and although there will be a monthly or annual cost involved, this is more than outweighed by benefits gained over and above having a fully synchronised email setup.

The solution is to use a ‘hosted’ email service that maintains a copy of ALL of your email on a remote server so that you can connect and view the latest version of everything on whatever device you choose. Any changes made on any of your devices get relayed back to the server and ultimately pushed to all other device when you later connect with that.

Aside from everything being updated remotely and kept fully synchronised, you will also benefit from:

And the cost? Well it depends on your specific requirements as some devices cost more to connect, but the cost will likely be between £5 and £20 per user per month.

In my opinion, worth it for the constant backup of all email data alone, how much would you pay to guarantee you never lose your email…

Kennetiq offers a number of email solutions including a fully ‘hosted’ solution, contact us for more information.

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